Parent Advocates and Education Professionals

The Pennsylvania Dyslexia Literacy Coalition is a group of volunteer parent advocates and education professionals  who have joined together with the goals of: 


1- Raising awareness and to create an accurate understanding about Dyslexia.  


2 -Ensure  ALL children learn to read by supporting teachers training in evidenced based  Reading instruction.


3- Support early screening and interventions in evidence based Reading instruction.



Dyslexia is a language based learning disability that is neurological in origin and affects not only reading, but also writing, spelling, handwriting, certain aspects of math, learning a foreign language, hearing and reading directions, understanding spoken language and the ability to express oneself. 


In the classroom unidentified struggling readers and dyslexics are often thought to be lazy, not trying hard enough, or not paying attention.  These children feel stupid, which has a negative impact on their emotional well being throughout their lives.